Electronics Projects

Element14 RoadTest – Autodesk Eagle Software

I have been selected as a reviewer for the new Autodesk Eagle software package!  Looking forward to performing this review.  I am planning on laying out a couple of personal projects using this tool and getting the boards made and reviewing this process vs. that of the older releases of Eagle and other PCB packages (namely, DipTrace and Ultiboard).


Looking forward to doing this review!  Thanks Element14!


Electronics Projects

Pete’s Valentine’s Day Box Project

I decided that for our son’s kindergarten Valentine’s day box I would implement a sensor and some programmable LEDs and an 8×8 LED Matrix with an Arduino Microcontroller to make his mailbox the most festive ever.

We used the following components:
1 – 1 Meter Strip of Self Adhesive Neopixels
1 – Arduino Uno
1 – IR Line Following Module
1 – 8×8 LED Matrix with a Maxim Driver IC
1 – Piezo Buzzer

Below is the initial sketch / block diagram of the system:

I also made a quick video and posted it to YouTube to review the project and how it works:

All of the code that I used to implement this is hosted on GitHub here: