Diplomas, Courses, and Certificates

Master of Business Administration

2018-2020: Purdue University – Fort Wayne, IN


  • Decision Making in a Global Economic Environment BUFW A524
  • Marketing and Customer Relationship Management BUFW M560
  • Essentials of Accounting BUS50100
  • Basic Finance BUS50200
  • Ethics & Regulatory Environment BUS50401
  • Data Analysis & Management Science BUS54001
  • Strategic Cost Management BUS54200
  • Financial Analysis & Decision Making BUS54201
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management BUS57000
  • Management Of Information Technology BUS55200
  • Financial Analytics BUS57500
  • Topics In Business Law BUS58900
  • Strategic Management BUS59000
  • Leadership and Management People in Organizations BUS54202

Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering

2007-2010: Purdue University – West Lafayette, IN

Link to MSECE Diploma


  • Signal Processing ECE436
  • Random Variables ECE600
  • Genetic Algorithms ECE630
  • Photogrammetic Systems GRAD590
  • Applied Linear Algebra MA511
  • Digital Signal Processing ECE538
  • Human Factors IE577
  • Digital Image Processing ECE63
  • Advanced Mathematics for Engineers MA527
  • Advanced Mathematics for Engineers II MA528
  • Wireless Communications ECE697
  • Energy Conversion ECE610

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

2001-2007 Indiana – Purdue University – Fort Wayne, IN

Link to BSEE Diploma


  • Art of Design ENGR120
  • Industrial Practice (Co-op at GE) ECE291
  • Industrial Practice II (Co-op at GE) ECE292
  • Linear Circuit Analysis I ECE201
  • Digital System Design ECE270
  • Industrial Practice III (Co-op at GE) ECE293
  • Linear Circuit Analysis II ECE202
  • Measurement Techniques ECE207
  • Electrical Engineering Robotics ECE280
  • Robot Lab ECE281
  • Electronics Analysis ECE255
  • Signals and Systems ECE301
  • Probabilistic Methods ECE302
  • Electric and Magnetic Fields ECE311
  • Thermodynamics ME200
  • Electronics Lab ECE208
  • Microprocessors ECE362
  • Numerical Methods ECE373
  • Senior Design ENGR410
  • Control Systems Feedback System Analysis ECE382
  • Power Electronics ECE460
  • Senior Design II ENGR411
  • Transmission of Information (Communications) ECE442
  • VHDL ECE358

National Instruments Training

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  • RF Application Development National Instruments
  • RF Fundamentals National Instruments

Mathworks Training

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  • Matlab Fundamentals and Techniques
  • Advanced Matlab Programming Techniques
  • Distributed Computing Mathworks
  • Simulink for System and Algorithm Modeling
  • Integrating Matlab with External Applications
  • Real-Time Workshop Fundamentals
  • Matlab and Simulink for Control Design Acceleration

Rockwell Automation Training

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  • Studio 5000 Logix Designer Level 3 CCP143
  • Studio 5000 Logix Designer Level 2 CCP146
  • Studio 5000 Logix Designer Level 1 CCP151
  • Motion Control Fundamentals CCN130

Northrop Grumman Training

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  • Systems Engineering Radar Design Course