This is my personal webpage where I post about personal projects and other items that I want to share publicly.  Please have a look around and send me a note if you have any questions or comments.

Below is a list of the websites and services that I use daily for design inspiration, purchasing prototype materials and learning new development skills.

Ideas, Tutorials, and Development Kits:
Adafruit is a great source for finding open source and open hardware breakout boards for nearly anything (including microcontrollers, SBCs, sensors and LEDs) as well as great tutorials for getting started.  This company has helped me immensely as a springboard for new projects.

Much like Adafruit sparkfun is an open source and open hardware development house.  They also host various tutorials on their products and are immensely helpful when developing new projects.

Everyday ‘Hack a Day’ has new information about electronics, microcontrollers, single board computers and other developments in electronics and computing.  This website is a great resource to keep up with new products.

Prototyping Parts and Services:
Digikey and Mouser are the two ‘go-to’ websites for getting parts for projects immediately.  For larger runs I will always work with local sales reps from either Avnet or Arrow.  Avent and Arrow are great for pricing on larger runs but typically take much longer to get parts and quotes from and have minimums on many of the passive components that they carry.

TriTech manufacturing is a local company that does quick turn, 100% electrical test, made in the USA printed circuit boards.  They will only do by the panel, but their service is second to none.  They also are very reasonably priced on assembly services ranging from assembly to wire prep.

PCB Way is a great place to get low quantity printed circuit boards shipped quickly.  They are a great source if you are not worried about 100% electrical tested and only need a few boards made.  However, this is not the place if you need your boards 100% electrically checked, assembled or made in the USA.

Sculpteo is an outstanding 3D Print and Laser Cutting service.  Their turn time is exceptional and their pricing structure is one of the best I have found.  They also print in a multitude of materials.

Monthly Subscription Services:
Adabox is a quarterly subscription service from Adafruit.com that provides you with a box of electronic parts and development kits and instructions / videos to make a project.  This is a great way to learn new technologies that you might not be familiar with.

Hacker Boxes
Much like Adabox, Hacker Boxes is a curated service that provides you with electronics kits that allow you to explore technologies that you might not have been familiar with before.  The difference between the two is 1.) Price, Hacker Boxes are less expensive than Adaboxes, and 2.) Hacker Boxes come each month.