I am an electrical engineer with a passion for product development, circuit design, electronics, radio design, rapid prototyping, and experimentation. I have spent the past 15 years working in the industry, building and designing a wide range of products and systems. From consumer electronics to industrial control systems, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience that I am excited to share with you on this website. Here, you will find articles, projects, and resources related to all aspects of electrical engineering, with a focus on product development, circuit design, electronics, radio design, rapid prototyping, and experiments. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn more about electrical engineering or an experienced professional looking for new ideas and inspiration, I hope you will find something here that is useful and interesting.

If you’re looking to conduct experiments or need help with a specific project, send me a note and we can discuss your ideas and maybe bring them to life.

Below is a list of the websites and services that I use daily for design inspiration, purchasing prototype materials and learning new development skills.

Ideas, Tutorials, and Development Kits:
Adafruit is a great source for finding open source and open hardware breakout boards for nearly anything (including microcontrollers, SBCs, sensors and LEDs) as well as great tutorials for getting started.  This company has helped me immensely as a springboard for new projects.

Much like Adafruit sparkfun is an open source and open hardware development house.  They also host various tutorials on their products and are immensely helpful when developing new projects.

Everyday ‘Hack a Day’ has new information about electronics, microcontrollers, single board computers and other developments in electronics and computing.  This website is a great resource to keep up with new products.

Prototyping Parts and Services:
Digikey and Mouser are the two ‘go-to’ websites for getting parts for projects immediately.  For larger runs I will always work with local sales reps from either Avnet or Arrow.  Avent and Arrow are great for pricing on larger runs but typically take much longer to get parts and quotes from and have minimums on many of the passive components that they carry.


There are several reasons why PCBWay.com is a good place to have circuit boards made for rapid prototyping:

  1. Fast turnaround time: PCBWay.com offers a range of turnaround times, including same-day and next-day options, making it easy to get your circuit boards made quickly.
  2. Competitive pricing: PCBWay.com offers competitive pricing for circuit board production, making it an affordable option for rapid prototyping.
  3. High-quality circuit boards: PCBWay.com uses advanced manufacturing processes to produce high-quality circuit boards that meet industry standards.
  4. Customization options: PCBWay.com offers a range of customization options, including different board materials, thicknesses, and finishes, allowing you to get exactly what you need for your prototyping project.
  5. Easy online ordering: PCBWay.com has a user-friendly online platform that allows you to easily place orders and track the progress of your circuit board production.

Overall, PCBWay.com is a good place to have circuit boards made for rapid prototyping because of its fast turnaround times, competitive pricing, high-quality circuit boards, customization options, and easy online ordering process.