Getting Started with SDR and HackRF One (Windows Based)

HackRF One From Great Scott Gadgets

Getting started with Software Defined Radio (SDR) has never been easier thanks to GNU Radio and the various SDRs available. I have decided to start learning about SDR using the ‘HackRF One’ from Great Scott Gadgets (link).

I am following along with the Great Scott Gadgets website tutorials put on by
Michael Ossmann. I have just completed the first set of code and instruction video. My particular notes are below on getting started with Windows, GNU Radio and my source code.

After the installation steps in the list above, it is as easy as opening up GNU Radio Companion and following the steps laid out by Michael to create your first FM Radio.

GNU Radio Companion
FM Tuner with Band Visualization GUI.

The only major hiccup that I found was that in the demonstration was that his sample rate was 20M s/sec, this was much too fast for my PC and had issues keeping up. Once I turned down the sampling rate down to 10M s/sec the tuner was crystal clear and worked great.

FM Tuner with Spectrum Visualization and Variable Tuning

More to come as I complete future lessons and eventually start listening to the ham radio bands and use this to modify my low cost radar project.