3D Printing Sample Material Swatches and Storage Box with Labels

3D printing is an incredibly useful tool for creating a wide variety of objects, from prototypes to finished products. One important aspect of 3D printing is the material you use to print your object, as different materials have different properties and can produce significantly different results.

One way to ensure that you are using the right material for your project is to print sample swatches before you begin your main print. Sample swatches are small test prints that allow you to see what a particular material will look and feel like, as well as how it will behave during the printing process.

There are a few key reasons why printing sample swatches is important:

  1. Material properties: Different materials have different properties, such as strength, flexibility, and durability. Printing sample swatches allows you to see firsthand how these properties will affect your final print.
  2. Printing quality: Some materials may require different print settings in order to achieve the best results. Printing sample swatches allows you to fine-tune your printer’s settings to ensure that your final print is of the highest quality.
  3. Cost savings: Printing sample swatches can save you money in the long run by allowing you to test different materials before committing to a full print. If you find that a particular material doesn’t work for your project, you can avoid wasting time and resources by switching to a different material before you begin your main print.

Overall, printing sample swatches is a valuable tool for anyone using a 3D printer. It allows you to make informed decisions about which material to use and how to set up your printer, which can ultimately lead to more successful and cost-effective prints.

For my personal printing I found the STL file for the swatches at the following location:


While for the box, I did not like the lid on the option above so someone had already made a compatible bottom only here:


Then to give the swatches a nice label I used QR Code Monkey to Generate QR Codes of the links that I used to purchase the material for easy ‘re-filling’ of the material when supplies run low.


To print the labels I used a Brother QL-710W label maker with the P-touch Editor to create the labels that stick onto the swatches. The QR Codes created in QR Code Monkey were simply copied and pasted directly into the label.

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